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  • Where do I find my nearest Lumala dealer?
  • You can find your nearest dealer by either calling us on 0771088522 or by posting on our Facebook page. You will surely get one close to you in our vast database of over 400 dealers around Sri lanka. Having the largest Bicycle distribution network in Sri lanka, gives you the assurance that we are always close to you if anything unfortunate happened to your bike.
  • What size bicycle do I need?
  • Bicycles come equipped with 12” tyres for children’s bikes, 14” ,16”, 20” and 24” for teens and up to a standard 26 or 28” tyres for adults. Some specialized bikes have tyres that are larger for a faster riding experience!

    Please refer to our "What size bike for my age" page for a detailed instructions.
  • What is the warranty for my Lumala bike?
  • For childrens Bikes the warranty period is 2 years.

    For Standard gents and ladies bikes the warranty is 20 years!

    For hardtail, bmx and other bikes it is generally 10 years.

    Above warranty is for frame and fork only! *Conditions apply

    Each bike will have a instruction manual and warranty card where all relevant details are mentioned.
  • I bought a Lumala bike from my friend, is my bike still covered under your warranty?
  • Yes, as long as the bike is in the warranty period and if you have the invoice and warranty card, the rest is assured! *Please read the conditions FYI.
  • How do I find the weight of my bicycle?
  • You will find the weight of our Lumala bikes in the description under the relevant bike on this website. However, if you do not find it, please send us a FB wall post with the query and we will follow up ASAP!
  • Do you sell directly?
  • Yes we do at our showrooms. We will also be launching our Lumalacity website where anyone can buy any bike or toy we have in stock and have it delivered right to your doorstep!
  • I am planning to open a bike store, can I become your dealer?
  • Yes, ofcourse you could. With our reputation for Sri lanka’s leading Bicycle manufacturer and only dealing in the highest quality bicycles unlike cheap imported bicycles, you will surely be on the road to success! Since we export bikes made in Sri lanka to different parts of the world, you are sure to find the best bikes only with us.

    For Queries, please call 0771088522 or send us a message on FB!
  • Can I use one style of bike for different terrains, or activities?
  • Yes you could even though its not recommended. For the right bike please refer to our bike guide
  • Can I replace my bike seat with one that’s more comfortable?
  • Yes you could in one of our showrooms even though its not recommended. Some seats are designed specifically for the right posture and style to match each bike. By replacing it with one that’s more comfortable would mean the style would change, not to forget the posture change that could be harmful to you.
  • Is the right type of handlebar important for me?
  • Handlebars play an important role in a bike.

    They often support a portion of the rider’s weight and provide a mounting place for brake levers, bells, horns and levers. By changing the handlebar, it could eliminate space for levers and other accessories that were originally designed for that specific bike model.

    They most common types of handlebars are flat, cross brace, cruiser etc.

    Cross brace : these are generally fitted on BMX bikes for rigidity and strength.

    Flat : are the one’s fitted in hybrid bikes, hardtail, dual suspension and most common bikes used for leisure cycling.

    Cruiser : are designed with a long and sloped design towards the rear of the bicycle which allows the rider to sit upright. Traditional bikes have a lower rise handlebar similar to the cruiser which allows easy riding.
  • How many gears would I need?
  • Is more gears better?

    The truth is you don’t really need gears. The original bicycle has no gears, and over time gear speeds have changed from 15, 18, 21 and now 27! Gears are useful for roads with hills, the steeper it is, the lower the gear you need to make it easier to peddle.

    The more gears you have, the more steeper the slope you can climb!
  • What is the carbonTM brand?
  • The Carbon™ range of bikes is our latest high-end bikes. These are custom made by us to world class standards with the best accessories and each material in it is chosen with the greatest attention to ensure you have the smoothest ride, and turn heads while you do that!
  • What is a disc brake system and what’s the difference?
  • These both do the same job, by helping you stop the bike when you need it. Disc brakes however are more efficient in mud and dirt terrain whereas the V-brake is applied onto the rim which could find it hard to be effective in these offroad terrains.
  • Do you’ll make your own bikes?
  • Yes, we are Sri lanka’s largest bicycle manufacturer and export to different continents according to different specs and requirements. For queries please email us on or call us on 0771088522
  • Can I custom make my own bike?
  • Yes in the near future. We are developing the equipment to be able to customize your own bike according to your color and design. This however comes at a price, but being a loyal Lumala customer has its benefits. We will publish this new service on our FB page, please join us and get updated with our latest news and events.