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Bicycles come equipped with 12” tyres for children’s bicycles, 14”, 16”, 20” and 24” for teens and up to a standard 26” or 28” tyres for adults. Some specialized bicycles have tyres that are larger for a faster riding experience!

Step 1 - Learn how to ride a bicycles if you don’t already know.

This is the most fundamental step. This can be done on any bike that is the right size for you, but the best start is on a single speed bicycle, since you don’t have to worry about shifting gears.

Step 2 - Learn about the basic types of bicycles

Standard bicycles- These are single speed bicycles that are old-fashioned, and good for leisurely riding around town with flat roads.

BMX bicycles- These are low profile bicycles fitted usually with 20” knobby tyres. These are a popular type of for both casual riding and sport, designed mainly for trail and course competitions.

Road bicycles- Road bicycles are mostly traditional bicycles tweaked for good performance on pavement. This type of bike has a wide range and could be classified into two broad groups, touring and racing/performance.

  • Road bicycles traditionally have specially designed ‘aero’ or ‘drop’ handlebars for a comfortable hand posture and sometimes for an aerodynamic riding position.
  • Racing bicycles are light-weight bicycles designed to place the rider in an aggressive posture for pure speed!
  • Touring bicycles however are designed to carry loads and for sustained comfort with heavier components for durability and are designed with mounts for fender and rack attachments.

Mountain Bicycles- These compact framed bicycles are designed for off-road use with the appropriate knobby tyres and handle bars that are higher than standard bicycles for a more upright position. These bicycles are designed for various purposes such as downhill, cross-country racing etc. with sophisticated suspension and disc braking systems which make them very popular as an overall bicycle.

Tandem Bicycles- These are bicycles with an extra seat and set of pedals for a memorable ride for two, with the person in front having the freedom to steer the bicycle.

Step 3 - The fit of the bicycles is essential

Since different bicycles have dimensions for different body types. Make sure the height of the saddle is not too high for you, so that it allows easy mounting and dismounting.

Step 4 - Test ride a bicycle before you buy it

At Lumala, you are more than welcome to test ride a bicycle that you like. This way you can experience the smoothness of the ride in our ‘made-to-measure’ bicycles and see why Lumala is Sri lanka’s No:1 Bicycle and why others around the world demand for Lumala!